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Email Marketing services Bangalore


Email Marketing services Bangalore, India.

The most significant benefits of Email Marketing are that it can never get old and it is very easy to access. Dgimak has evolved as an email marketing company in Bangalore, which helps you to stay connected with your audience and personalize the message delivered to them. All you have to do is tell your story, and we make it happen.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not new but it is never old, and it is far off dead. Dgimak believe that E-mail Marketing is the best mode of communication in the digital media. Being one of the leading email marketing companies in Bangalore has always enhanced the marketing profiles of the company right on the customer desk. The market is so wide, and it can be challenging to outnumber the emails that have filled the inbox. Choose Dgimak for you time shine like the diamond among the Junk.
A study at DMA found that a $1 spent for marketing product or service via mail will have the returns of $38 as a Return of Investment.


Why choose our Email Marketing Service?

A perspective of 360 degrees

You will find Dgimak as one of the picky bulk email marketing service provider in Bangalore. We manage more than campaigns and offer the full-service solution to the clients. We work along with you to find the list and grow the email platform that benefits your business.

Visible Conversion

Dgimak is entering the grey space and trust us you will never be fired out of the mail. You will get opportunities for potential sales and conversion through our email marketing service, Bangalore.

 Save time and money

There is a general assumption that email marketing may look volatile and spending on them is a bad idea. With us, on your side, you don’t have to use any third parties, deploy workers or any other extra resources. We are correctly working with you in the most cost-effective way possible.

What are the services offered at Dgimak?

The growth of any business is when you move from the engagement stage to the sales funnel. E-mail marketing makes that more comfortable for you. You need to work with the Dgimak to get the extraordinary services for email marketing Service Company in Bangalore. Here is the list of email marketing services packaged to our clients.

  • Adverstimesnts and Campaigns

    The fastest way to grow in the digital media is to advertise and never give a break. Constant branding and advertisements lead to the massive sales. Dgimak will generate more subscribers with ads and various campaigns that are being shared on multiple platforms. If you want the audience to visit your blog or website first thing first do is to get the email list through these campaigns.

  • Email Newsletters

    Email Newsletters are the more personalized way of communication in the digital media business. If you wonder who is going to read the newsletter, provide what the audience want. Dgimak offer you with various analytics such as deliverability, open rates, and conversion. We are proud of being one of the simplest bulk email marketing service provider company in Bangalore which produces more magnetic leads for our clients.

  • Call to Actions

    You have received the subscriber but are you confused to how to proceed further. Here is what we do. Dgimak implement a call-to-action on the website to promote the business. If you want to know who is interested in your products and updates this button is always on.

  • Email List Maintenance

    You can get away just with the email list of the subscribers. You need to continually update them as some of them may throw you at spam. There are many fake profiles, unauthorized and not credible. We help you to recover the original email list and update them frequently.